If the mouth is quiet, don’t assume the brain ain’t working

While I think of myself as fairly outgoing, I am also often quiet. Sometimes I crave quiet, especially in nature. Do you know people like that? I’m not good at idle chit chat, but I love to really talk. You can be sure, though, that when I’m quiet my brain and all of my other senses are working full throttle. I see, hear, and smell things that my husband completely misses. I’m an observer, and that has made me understand people and the world so much more than if I jabbered my way through.

I was recently reminded that so many other people – children and adults – are similar, and I have to remind myself not to make assumptions about their quietness.

On a shuttle bus through Denali National Park we had an extremely quiet driver. On the way into the park our driver talked to us on his microphone the whole way – imparting all kinds of interesting information and such. Initially I was disappointed in the 2nd driver’s lack of communication. I starting having those thoughts…”He must be new. He must not know very much. He must not know how to talk to people”, etc. But this guy could see animals that took 20 people five or more minutes to spot. Thanks to him we saw our first grizzly bear.

Quiet, with nothing going on? Oh no. Never.

Life Lesson #6: Ask the quiet child (or adult) questions and you may be delightfully surprised at what he knows, sees, hears and thinks. Don’t assume anything about the quiet people but greatness.

Here’s one little girl that sees colors in ways others may not…


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