Critique Groups. Short and sweet.

It’s almost the year’s end and I am grateful for so much. The list-toppers are, of course, my good health, my loving family, friends, and basic needs of fresh clean water, a roof over my head, food on my table, and a steady income. Really, what else does one need in life?

Well, if you’re a writer as I am…a kick butt critique group! I cannot say enough about how wonderful my critique group is. I’ve been part of a few terrific ones over the years, but the Sandbox Writers groupĀ is super special. We all write in the same genre and the feedback I get is uplifting, yet honest, from years of experience, and helps me shape my stories in the direction they need to go.

I’m taking my time these days with my manuscripts. Trying not to rush them out the door. Like soup. You know how it always seems to taste better the next day? My critique group is helping me make the yummiest of manuscripts. And I’m enjoying the process of adding a little of this and a little of that, testing the waters and finding the combination of words and ideas that are just right.

So, this one is short and sweet but infinitesimally important…

THANK YOU TO MY WONDERFUL CRITIQUE GROUP!!!!! And if you are a writer, I wish you the same good fortune I’ve had in finding or having a solid group of critiquers to test your soups…um…I mean writing!

Lesson #15: Be grateful for the little things in life. They carry a lot of weight.

And what better classic picture book than this one to remind us of loving the little things?



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