Calling All Cupids! BOOK LOVE – A Blog Hop

Authors need our help! This is a fantastic idea and I hope you will get online to support the ones you love. Thanks to Carrie Finison for this fabulous idea. Some day soon I hope I’ll have my books out there for you to review, too 😉

Story Patch

A recent email by a writer friend reminded me that, even though I read and enjoy many, many books, I don’t always show those books (and their authors) the attention they deserve. If I’ve enjoyed a book a lot, I might tell a friend or two. I might even review a book here on my blog. But I don’t review books in other key places – like on Amazon and Goodreads.

That’s too bad because positive reviews on social media, especially on Amazon, can influence other readers and book buyers. The number of reviews a book gets can directly impact the book’s ranking in search engine results, which in turn can influence sales.

booklovebadge Badge designed by Dana Carey

It’s a tough world out there for books and their authors. They need our support now more than ever. So this month, I thought I’d play Cupid for a while and spread some BOOK…

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4 thoughts on “Calling All Cupids! BOOK LOVE – A Blog Hop

    • I recently read about 20 picture books to research first pages for a manuscript I’m working on, so I was thrilled at your idea to give me the opportunity to shout out to the authors whose books I loved. I hope others jump on board!

    • Thanks, Lily! When Carrie suggested the idea I realized how silly it was of me not to have thought of it. And then when I went on Amazon to review a bunch of PBs I had just read and loved, I felt so good and hope this small act will help our fellow authors! And it’s easy to do!

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